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Important Information

Injury Reporting and Care of Injured Athletes

As an athletic trainer, it is my goal to keep every athlete safe and prevent injuries. However, there are inherent risks with playing any sport and sometimes injuries just happen. If your child becomes injured during a Skyline sport or activity, it is highly recommended that they come to the athletic training room for evaluation and treatment prior to seeing a doctor. This can potentially save you the time and money that comes along with a doctor's visit, as well as decrease missed participation time. Of course, you have every right to seek whatever medical care you see fit for your child. 


Communication is a vital part of providing the best care to your child. I will do my best to communicate with you about any injury your child may sustain. However, some injuries are not severe enough to warrant an email or phone call home. In the event I think an injury warrants a referral to a physician or your athlete will be missing more than 3 days of practice, I will contact you by phone to discuss the injury. If your child is treated by a physician, a note from that doctor must be brought to me prior to returning to participation. Notes must clearly state diagnosis/injury, clearance status or return date, and physician name and contact information. 


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