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Roberts Lane

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Lane Roberts

I joined the Selah School District in 2021. I was hired as a Career and Technical Educator (CTE)
under the Computer Science Pathway. I am excited to start my career of teaching in a school district
with such a supportive administration moving forward. I received my CTE certification through
Eastern Washington University. It is my belief that if you give students input on what and how they
learn then they will take stock in the classroom and make it something that interests them.
At Central Washington University I studied computer science, information technology and cyber
security. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Network Administration and Cyber Security in 2017.
During my time at CWU I was the head of the Student Technology Committee where we maintained
current technology and brought new/emerging technology to the students on campus, including 3D
printers, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality stations and a variety of other items as well. I arrived at
this pathway because I had always been interested in all things having to do with computers,
hardware, software, video games, computer repair and how they work. However, I have years of
experience in multiple fields such as Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, General Construction and
Woodworking, Automotive Service Technician and my current field Computer Science and
Information Technology.
My current mantra; 2021 is a building year for the Computer Science Pathway under the CTE branch
at Selah High School. I am coming in at the ground level and laying a foundation for the direction we
want to go. Currently, we offer Introduction to Computer Science, AP Computer Science, Video
Game Design and Robotics. My current goal is to expand Video game Design from where we are
now and get into Unity and or Unreal engine to design and model 3d games from scratch.
Additionally, I envision expanding the robotics program to include remote piloting both on the ground
robots and in the air as the industry is currently heading in that direction. In just this first year I feel
we have taken large strides as a High School in laying the groundwork to do these things and more.
My mantra for the 2022 school year is; keep adding fuel to the rocket ship! What I mean by that is,
we had a really great 2021 school year adding in an esports team playing SSBU at the state level in
Vancouver. This year we look to expand that team from 6 people to 12 and add a team to play
Valorant. We successfully added Robotics II which will focus on Drones and Automation preparing
students to pass the part 107 test for remote drones operations for business purposes. I am working
to upgrade the 3D printers on campus and expand the visibility and useability for students. Thanks to
the tremendous work of my Administrator, Jeff Cochran, we received the META grant for VR
headsets and will be working amongst other educators to utilize them in their classrooms. The rocket
ship is firing on all engines and has fuel to get us to break orbit!
Update 2023: My mantra for this year leans on our culture blueprint in “Be the Best You”. In order for
Computer Science at Selah to achieve this I reflected all year on what was working in my classes
and what was not. Starting this school year I have adjusted our courses to reflect feedback from
students as to what parts of the curriculum were good and what parts were less effective. Beginning
Video Game Design has been adjusted to properly align with Advanced Video Game Design with
Unity and Vr. Intro to Computer Science has been brought to more of a broad spectrum of Computer
Science and will be adjusted accordingly as feedback is gathered. Additionally, we had a great
student led project in which students took part in building our 30 new high end workstations in the
Computer Science Lab.

Viking Esports had a strong year last year taking part in many seasons of Super Smash Bros as well
as winning an Regional Invitational at Walla Walla High School in the spring.
I look forward to seeing what each year brings and the ideas our students come up with as their own projects